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Dave (and other) cosplay.

That guy I live with.

My ridiculous cat.

The pug.

I reblog. A lot. I generally do not tag. If you do not follow me because of this, that's okay. If you follow me then subsequently unfollow me because of this, that is also okay. Point is, shit's generally okay.

I'm twenty-something and live in a new house with my husband, our cat, a pug, a golden retriever, a snake, a leopard gecko, and a chameleon named Darwin. I have a BA in English and handle contract to close for a real estate office. My husband is pursuing an engineering degree. Our cat has made terrorizing us his life's pursuit.

Fandoms are Homestuck, YYH, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and velociraptors.
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